Testing the new gimbal in Brisbane, I know that it will add value to corporate video productions.

Letus Helix Jr Test footage

Thanks to my good friend Scott, we headed out one evening to test out our new toys.  We chose Brisbane’s Southbank for the large open spaces and architectural designs, oh and of course easy parking.

I balanced a Sony A7sII on the gimbal in such a way that no external monitor was needed, this speeds up the process of setting up the gimbal on every shoot.  Initially I had to learn how to manually balance the camera as well as utilise the software for fine tuning.  I have experience using a glydecam for filming, however the gimbal requires different techniques so I will need some practice.  I am excited with the initial test, I can see how this will add production value to corporate video, event videos and branding videos.

I used the Letus joystick to allow me to pan left to right and also adjust camera orientation.  I found this really helpful although I need to get comfortable with the joystick position and responsiveness.  In future I will use a trigger for the camera, to get quick focus and also to stop start record without having to place the gimbal down.

What I love about he Letus Helix is its size, weight, ability to be placed down on any flat surface and good ergonomics.  Still need to work out briefcase mode which is really rough and of course work on my own technique.

I used the Canon 16-35 mm lens with the Metabones adaptor but will investigate on using Sony lenses to allow me to track focus.

I hope you like the footage, it has inspired me to head out more often, practice and have fun.


Equipment list:

Letus Helix JR

Letus joystick

Sony A7sII

Canon 16-35 mm F 2.8

Metabones Adaptor

MotionVFX titles and logos

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