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Communicate company culture with training videos

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Training videos are a great way to communicate the internal company policies, procedures and workplace culture to new and existing staff.


This year I was approached by Wagners to produce 19 internal Training videos.  An exciting project for me as in my previous career I have worked as a workplace trainer & assessor.  My passion for training and filming could now come together.

I remembered from my training days at Australia Post that we made use of many training videos.  They helped to break down the monotony of verbal and power point presentations.  Training videos were also much more effective at showing the bigger picture as well as covering on the finer topics.  The combination of visuals and  audio also made it easier to recall key messages.  There was also a strong sense of what the workplace culture was like and I believe this is a key for this type of videos.

I met with the Wagners Safety and HR managers to discuss the strategy for the project.  I was happy to find out that there was a strong safety culture at Wagners on all levels.  With this in mind, I suggested that we interview staff across all levels of the company rather than just the Management team.  The reason for this was to create ownership, to demonstrate the depth of the culture and also to gain invaluable, authentic perspectives on safety, quality, environment and people culture.

The approach to filming the training videos was approved, and with a base structure in place, we set out to interview Wagners internal staff.  The idea was to film each person in their natural environment, without scripts, as this would provide us with genuine and heartfelt answers.

Filming for 14 days across the Wagners divisions from Brisbane river all the way to Toowoomba, we were constantly amazed by the involvement of staff and the insights they had.  Everyone was eager to talk to us and also eager to see the final product which is a success.

The resulting training videos demonstrate a strong workplace culture which can be found on any level within the company.  Wagners can be proud of what they have achieved and induct new staff with these authentic videos, or promote themselves to the larger community.

Some of the topics covered throughout the video series are safety, golden rules, environment, quality, return to work policy, harassment, bullying and work life balance.

It was a success for me too.  Throughout the filming of the project, I was able to reconnect with my training & safety mind, I met many wonderful people, filmed for the first time from a helicopter and was asked to do further work for Wagners.

Many thanks to Andrew MacQueen, Head of Safety, Environment and Quality for his constant support, guidance and friendship.

The above video is the first in the series and it is an introduction to Wagners, for all the  training videos, click on the link Wagners

To find out how I can help your company to produce training videos, please contact me here – Gabriel


Increase customer connection with branding video

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Why branding video

A branding video is a great way to help you increase customer connection.

Your brand is your identity, it communicates what you stand for, how you interact with clients.  Video is the most powerful online tool available to help you get your brand message across.

The branding video was used on the client website and social media platform.  It also received the most engagement on my personal social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  A post by a colleague on LinkedIn received engagement from highly influential profiles and was also shared on their social media platforms.  This is the sign of a successful braiding video campaign.

Case study

The branding video was produced for Redlands City Council, and the launch of their new brand, Redlands Coast.  I had the pleasure of exploring and filming the many stunning locations, local business and hidden treasures.  This branding video is part of a campaign designed to showcase how this coast  influences local residents, business owners and tourists. The emphasis was on work, enjoyment and discovery.

From a videographer perspective this was an incredible production.  It spanned over 3 months, starting with pre production meetings and location scouting.  Filming was mostly outdoors and as much as possible I filmed under optimum conditions, however blue sunny skies are not always possible.

To produce this video, engagement with Redlands City Council, Paul Lewin Photography and Amanda from Velocity Media was crucial.  Together the story was developed, locations for filming established and coordination of talent organised.

Collaboration with:

Client – Redland City Council

Production/Director/Drone operator – paul lewin photography

Director/Videography/Drone/Editing by Gabriel Kaszab


StoryTelling/Scripting – Amanda Jesnoewski /Velocity Media

Music – Mark Fulcher

Filming equipment used

-RED Raven

-Sony A7s2

-Canon 1dx Mk2

-DJI Mavic Air

Lenses Canon L series:

-16-35 F2.8,

-35mm, 24-70,

-100mm Macro,

-70-200 F2.8

Event video production

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Event video production

This is an example of an event video production filmed by one cinematographer, half day shoot and producing a 2 minute highlight video.

Event video production by: Studio78

Client: IronbarkMarketing

Event: UnearthedAcceleratorProgram

Venue: River City Labs

Brief: The brief was to capture the event in full, focusing on the atmosphere, the mentors, the start ups socialising, presentations and individual interviews.  The final highlight video to be 2 minutes, incorporating all elements of the event as well as marketing material such as logos.  The video can be used on the company website, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo and email marketing.

I love filming events where the atmosphere is buzzing, great presentations, drinks and canapés, all making for good filming.  I filmed separate interviews too which will enable me to edit further videos later, which is really beneficial for marketing material in the long term. The startups at the Unearthed Accelerator Program were excited to be given the opportunity to bring their ideas to life with the help of the mentors.

For such events I like to be able to react quickly and therefore use light equipment to film.  My preferred camera is the Sony A7s2, it is small, light, versatile in challenging lighting situations and has beautiful image reproduction.  I use a series of Canon lenses as well as a combination of glidecam stabiliser, monopod or even hand held to enable me to get dynamic footage.

About Unearthed

Accelerating the growth of technology startups in the energy and resources sector.
Seed funding. Expertise. Access. Best mentors in the industry.
Unearthed part of making $1 trillion economic impact on the energy and resources sector with disruptive technologies.

Benefits of producing videos for your next event:

  • Reach those people that could not make it to the event by uploading the video to your website
  • Increase your brand presence on social media
  • Share the event video in your email marketing campaign
  • Use the video to promote the next event

For stress free event video production, please contact me for your upcoming event.


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For me, it is all about emotions, no matter what the event or the occasion may be.  This is why I was drawn to filming weddings in the first place.

It was a pleasure to film Martin and Angela’s wedding in Melbourne, and I am grateful for their trust in me to capture their special day.


Client: Martin & Angela

Brief: capture most important aspects of the day

Ceremony: St Haralambos Greek Church

Reception: Abbotsford Convent


Technical Specs
Cameras – Sony A7sII – Slog3
Lenses – Canon 16-35 f2.8, Canon 100mm f2.8
Stabilisers – Glydecam HD 4000, Hand Held

If you are looking for a cinematographer that focuses on storytelling and emotions to convey a message, please get in touch with me: