Why branding video

A branding video is a great way to help you increase customer connection.

Your brand is your identity, it communicates what you stand for, how you interact with clients.  Video is the most powerful online tool available to help you get your brand message across.

The branding video was used on the client website and social media platform.  It also received the most engagement on my personal social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  A post by a colleague on LinkedIn received engagement from highly influential profiles and was also shared on their social media platforms.  This is the sign of a successful braiding video campaign.

Case study

The branding video was produced for Redlands City Council, and the launch of their new brand, Redlands Coast.  I had the pleasure of exploring and filming the many stunning locations, local business and hidden treasures.  This branding video is part of a campaign designed to showcase how this coast  influences local residents, business owners and tourists. The emphasis was on work, enjoyment and discovery.

From a videographer perspective this was an incredible production.  It spanned over 3 months, starting with pre production meetings and location scouting.  Filming was mostly outdoors and as much as possible I filmed under optimum conditions, however blue sunny skies are not always possible.

To produce this video, engagement with Redlands City Council, Paul Lewin Photography and Amanda from Velocity Media was crucial.  Together the story was developed, locations for filming established and coordination of talent organised.

Collaboration with:

Client – Redland City Council


Production/Director/Drone operator – paul lewin photography


Director/Videography/Drone/Editing by Gabriel Kaszab

Studio78 studio78.com.au

StoryTelling/Scripting – Amanda Jesnoewski /Velocity Media


Music – Mark Fulcher kuyahowler.com

Filming equipment used

-RED Raven

-Sony A7s2

-Canon 1dx Mk2

-DJI Mavic Air

Lenses Canon L series:

-16-35 F2.8,

-35mm, 24-70,

-100mm Macro,

-70-200 F2.8