Communicate company culture with training videos

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Training videos are a great way to communicate the internal company policies, procedures and workplace culture to new and existing staff.


This year I was approached by Wagners to produce 19 internal Training videos.  An exciting project for me as in my previous career I have worked as a workplace trainer & assessor.  My passion for training and filming could now come together.

I remembered from my training days at Australia Post that we made use of many training videos.  They helped to break down the monotony of verbal and power point presentations.  Training videos were also much more effective at showing the bigger picture as well as covering on the finer topics.  The combination of visuals and  audio also made it easier to recall key messages.  There was also a strong sense of what the workplace culture was like and I believe this is a key for this type of videos.

I met with the Wagners Safety and HR managers to discuss the strategy for the project.  I was happy to find out that there was a strong safety culture at Wagners on all levels.  With this in mind, I suggested that we interview staff across all levels of the company rather than just the Management team.  The reason for this was to create ownership, to demonstrate the depth of the culture and also to gain invaluable, authentic perspectives on safety, quality, environment and people culture.

The approach to filming the training videos was approved, and with a base structure in place, we set out to interview Wagners internal staff.  The idea was to film each person in their natural environment, without scripts, as this would provide us with genuine and heartfelt answers.

Filming for 14 days across the Wagners divisions from Brisbane river all the way to Toowoomba, we were constantly amazed by the involvement of staff and the insights they had.  Everyone was eager to talk to us and also eager to see the final product which is a success.

The resulting training videos demonstrate a strong workplace culture which can be found on any level within the company.  Wagners can be proud of what they have achieved and induct new staff with these authentic videos, or promote themselves to the larger community.

Some of the topics covered throughout the video series are safety, golden rules, environment, quality, return to work policy, harassment, bullying and work life balance.

It was a success for me too.  Throughout the filming of the project, I was able to reconnect with my training & safety mind, I met many wonderful people, filmed for the first time from a helicopter and was asked to do further work for Wagners.

Many thanks to Andrew MacQueen, Head of Safety, Environment and Quality for his constant support, guidance and friendship.

The above video is the first in the series and it is an introduction to Wagners, for all the  training videos, click on the link Wagners

To find out how I can help your company to produce training videos, please contact me here – Gabriel


Increase customer connection with branding video

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Why branding video

A branding video is a great way to help you increase customer connection.

Your brand is your identity, it communicates what you stand for, how you interact with clients.  Video is the most powerful online tool available to help you get your brand message across.

The branding video was used on the client website and social media platform.  It also received the most engagement on my personal social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  A post by a colleague on LinkedIn received engagement from highly influential profiles and was also shared on their social media platforms.  This is the sign of a successful braiding video campaign.

Case study

The branding video was produced for Redlands City Council, and the launch of their new brand, Redlands Coast.  I had the pleasure of exploring and filming the many stunning locations, local business and hidden treasures.  This branding video is part of a campaign designed to showcase how this coast  influences local residents, business owners and tourists. The emphasis was on work, enjoyment and discovery.

From a videographer perspective this was an incredible production.  It spanned over 3 months, starting with pre production meetings and location scouting.  Filming was mostly outdoors and as much as possible I filmed under optimum conditions, however blue sunny skies are not always possible.

To produce this video, engagement with Redlands City Council, Paul Lewin Photography and Amanda from Velocity Media was crucial.  Together the story was developed, locations for filming established and coordination of talent organised.

Collaboration with:

Client – Redland City Council

Production/Director/Drone operator – paul lewin photography

Director/Videography/Drone/Editing by Gabriel Kaszab


StoryTelling/Scripting – Amanda Jesnoewski /Velocity Media

Music – Mark Fulcher

Filming equipment used

-RED Raven

-Sony A7s2

-Canon 1dx Mk2

-DJI Mavic Air

Lenses Canon L series:

-16-35 F2.8,

-35mm, 24-70,

-100mm Macro,

-70-200 F2.8


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For me, it is all about emotions, no matter what the event or the occasion may be.  This is why I was drawn to filming weddings in the first place.

It was a pleasure to film Martin and Angela’s wedding in Melbourne, and I am grateful for their trust in me to capture their special day.


Client: Martin & Angela

Brief: capture most important aspects of the day

Ceremony: St Haralambos Greek Church

Reception: Abbotsford Convent


Technical Specs
Cameras – Sony A7sII – Slog3
Lenses – Canon 16-35 f2.8, Canon 100mm f2.8
Stabilisers – Glydecam HD 4000, Hand Held

If you are looking for a cinematographer that focuses on storytelling and emotions to convey a message, please get in touch with me:


Cinema Ad – Sunday Salsa Seduction

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Get more exposure for your business with local cinema advertising.

By advertising at the local cinema you have the opportunity to grow awareness of your business in the local community.

Cinema advertising for Sunday Salsa Seduction, a weekly event held at Jade Buddha Brisbane.
Client: Jade Buddha & Sunday Salsa Seduction
Brief: Showcase the energy and fun social atmosphere
Cinematography: Studio78
Editing: Studio78
Music: Chukale
Branding: Helen B Creative
Who should look at producing a cinema advertising?
New business looking to create brand awareness
Established businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness

What is the process for producing a branding video?
– Organise a free 30 minute consultation with Studio78 and Velocity Media to determine outcomes and scripting
– Studio78 will produce a proposal for producing the video, including key messages, film locations, general story line
– Organise a film day which can take place on site as well as multiple locations
– Time for Studio78 to edit the footage, select background track and provide you with the 1st Draft
– Once you have approved the final draft, time to upload the video to your website, social media and email marketing campaign

M: 0414 989 545
Follow studio78:
Studio78 provides video production services for all industries

Vlog – Increase user engagement

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Vlog or Video Blog are short videos that are designed to communicate with your target audience on a regular basis.  Think of the main topics that you would like to talk to your audience about.  A Vlog can be educational, instructional or just stating interesting facts about your business.

You can use these Vlogs on your website’s blog page, Facebook, Youtube and email marketing.

The key to success is to deliver good messages, to be consistent and to distribute your Vlogs to other social media channels.
Does your business need to leverage the power of Video Blogs?
Contact Studio78 now for a free 30 min consultation:
M: 0414 989 545
Studio78 provides video production services for all industries

Event Video – Small Business Solutions

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Event Video – Small Business Solutions @ Click Digital Expo 2016

Peter Baldwin from Small Business Solutions attended the Click Expo this year, sharing his knowledge on stage and through live website analysis.
Small Business Solutions
Increase your Skills, Growth, and Profitability.
Real business assistance from accredited, experienced industry professionals.
Small Business Solutions is the first government subsidised initiative of its kind, giving Queensland small businesses access to affordable, industry leading business coaching, training and qualifications through skills recognition.
1300 40 60 80


• Sony A7sII
• Canon 35 mm F1.4
• Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro & 70-200 F2.8
• Manfrotto Monopod
• Letus Helix Jr with joystick + Glydecam HD 4000

Studio78 provides event video production services.  The focus is on creative filming and an element of story telling.

Event video – Rencal Motors

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Event video for Rencal Motors Open Day.  

This was a videographers dream, filming lots of fast european sports cars.  The Porsche 944 in the garage was a crowd favourite, as was the Audi R8.  And than the Ferrari’s turned up making a scene, along with a stunning black Lamborghini.  Mercedes AMG GTS was just as impressive, in red or yellow, while the BMW QLD club turned on the show with their M2, M3 and M4.

There was good food and drinks available, as well as fancy car upgrades which Rencal Motors can fit/tune for the car enthusiasts.

Make sure to check it out next year!!

About Rencal Motors

Our team of technicians have over 35 years of combined knowledge and experience in the European Automotive industry. We treat your car as our own. We provide our undivided attention to your vehicle and value customers who pursue quality European marque. Our products and services are tailored, to give you the ultimate driving experience.


Technical Specs

Cameras – Sony A7sII

Lenses – Canon 16-35 f2.8, Canon 100mm f2.8

Stabilisers – Glydecam HD 4000,  Manfrotto Monopod

Event video

Do you have an event that is worth filming?  It is a great way to promote your company and reward its clients.

Contact Studio78 for EVENT VIDEO/ BRANDING

Careers Australia

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Videography is so rewarding, especially when you film students that have completed their vocational education and are ready to start their new careers.

This video was created for Careers Australia, showcasing one of the recent graduates.

I had so much fun working with all involved at Careers Australia, they are very professional, well prepared and supportive.

Careers Australia is one of the country’s leading private providers of vocational education and training.
Established in 2006, Careers Australia has rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s leading providers of quality Vocational Education and Training.

Studio78 provides videography production services for all industries and occasions: EVENTS/BRANDING/ COMPANY PROFILES/ VIDEO STRATEGY

Letus Helix Jr Test

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Testing the new gimbal in Brisbane, I know that it will add value to corporate video productions.

Letus Helix Jr Test footage

Thanks to my good friend Scott, we headed out one evening to test out our new toys.  We chose Brisbane’s Southbank for the large open spaces and architectural designs, oh and of course easy parking.

I balanced a Sony A7sII on the gimbal in such a way that no external monitor was needed, this speeds up the process of setting up the gimbal on every shoot.  Initially I had to learn how to manually balance the camera as well as utilise the software for fine tuning.  I have experience using a glydecam for filming, however the gimbal requires different techniques so I will need some practice.  I am excited with the initial test, I can see how this will add production value to corporate video, event videos and branding videos.

I used the Letus joystick to allow me to pan left to right and also adjust camera orientation.  I found this really helpful although I need to get comfortable with the joystick position and responsiveness.  In future I will use a trigger for the camera, to get quick focus and also to stop start record without having to place the gimbal down.

What I love about he Letus Helix is its size, weight, ability to be placed down on any flat surface and good ergonomics.  Still need to work out briefcase mode which is really rough and of course work on my own technique.

I used the Canon 16-35 mm lens with the Metabones adaptor but will investigate on using Sony lenses to allow me to track focus.

I hope you like the footage, it has inspired me to head out more often, practice and have fun.


Equipment list:

Letus Helix JR

Letus joystick

Sony A7sII

Canon 16-35 mm F 2.8

Metabones Adaptor

MotionVFX titles and logos

Contact Studio78 for all corporate video production needs.

Corporate Videographer Brisbane

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Corporate Videographer Brisbane

Corporate Videographer Brisbane

Hello my name is Gabriel, founder of Studio78, and I am a corporate videographer Brisbane.  This is a rare photograph of myself in action, of course I prefer to be behind the camera so that I can produce corporate videos for clients all over Brisbane and beyond.

Corporate videographer in action

So what is a corporate videographer?  Well, I like to think that it is more than filming, it is about developing a sound video marketing strategy first, so that clients get the most use from their corporate videos.  It begins with the companies vision, target audience, marketing plan, and  developing a script that can connect audiences to the company.  Next is the videography or cinematography depending on the project.   This is the fun part, setting the scene, lights and a bit of directing to help it come together.  And lastly to the editing room, choosing the background track, strategically connecting the footage and finalising the project by color correcting and color grading.

On this occasion I was hired as a corporate videographer by a Sydney based firm.  The objective was to capture various stages of the clients planning, manufacturing and assembly of their products for the annual AWISA expo which is held in Melbourne.

Gabriel from Studio78 is a Corporate Videographer in Brisbane, specialising in the development of video marketing strategy, filming and editing.