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By February 14, 2017Testimonial

Testimonial video for Sesame Lane Childcare Centres.

A testimonial from a client is highly flattering to you as the business owner.  It also positively helps prospective clients in their decision to do business with you.  This is because a client that has gone out of their way to give you a testimonial must be very happy with your product or services.  So happy that they are willing to recommend you to others, without the need for remuneration, making the recommendation or referral a genuine one.

So why not have a look at your happy clients that are willing to give you a testimonial.  It can be done in writing, but will be more effective if they are willing to participate in a testimonial video.  This adds more weight to the testimonial as it shows the commitment and genuine belief of your client.

How can this be achieved in a video?

  1. Find clients that are happy with your service and willing to give a video testimonial.
  2. Get as much information about what they liked about your product service, how it is used, how it helps them in business or life.
  3. We can than draft a set of questions based on your clients experience
  4. Organise a date and place to film, this can be done at your clients place of work
  5. Film the interview, which will be conversational in approach as we want to get genuine answers
  6. The key is to than distribute the testimonial video via company website, social media channels as well as email marketing.

This testimonial video is a perfect example of a relaxed customer giving the most genuine hard felt feedback.

If you would like to engage with your clients more and utilise the potential from happy clients to promote you with honest feedback, contact me for a free 30 minute consultation on how this can be achieved.

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